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Hlophe wedding Video by Heartistic Productions

Good day Leanne!

Thank you so much for everything, you were just awesome. My wife and I had decided three years ago that we wanted to get married at your venue and it was one of the best decisions ever.

I know I’ve been to Shalwyn a number of times, but ever now and again when I go there I just feel as if i’m seeing it for the very first time. It was such a privilege for me and my wife to get married there and thank you and your staff for a splendid service.

Rencken wedding Video by Glenn Bowden

I  just want to say thanks for an absolutely incredible day, you guys up there were phenomenal.

We know that we were slightly disorganised and we took a rowdy bunch. The way you guys handled everything was absolutely awesome and we are very grateful.

The food and drinks were exactly what we wanted and the venue is incredible.


Ralph wedding by Unprecedented Pictures

Hi Leanne

Thanks so much for everything.  Such a special day that everyone enjoyed and all raving about your venue and the food.  We have just dropped a very excited Kyle and Robyn off at the airport for Thailand.

Thanks again

Miles wedding by Carmen Roberts

Leanne, what can i say? 2 and a half years of planning, and everything was PERFECT! No mishaps on the day and a lot of that is due to you and everyone at the venue. Thank you so much for provided the most beautiful setting for our big day and for being super organised and reliable. I could rest easy prior to, and on the wedding day knowing you and Sherree from Hamblins were on it! Thanks so much and we wish you the world of success!

Thanks again

Smith Wedding by Saysha Baker
Agnew Wedding by Colin Browne

Hi Leanne,

We had the most incredible day and everyone absolutely raved about Shalwyn. Thank you so so much for all you did and for hosting us in your unbelievable venue.

Thanks again!


Courtney wedding by Kym Burmester